Is a six-month furniture subscription better than buying?

New York City – A prediction made at the 2017 World Economic Forum was that by 2030 individuals would no longer own anything. Brands are responding to the continuing rise of collaborative consumption by designing products that appeal to multiple temporary users rather than to a single owner. Tapping into this growing post-ownership mindset, new furniture brand Kamarq offers a flexible subscription model that lets members order and update their furniture and home decor without entering into a long-term commitment.

While allowing customers to refresh their interiors with vibrant and versatile designs, Kamarq also joins the circular economy. Instead of making new designs, the company repairs and revives worn pieces before putting them back into the rental programme. In addition, the products are made from 100 per cent recycled, eco-friendly materials that reflect Kamarq’s sustainable approach to furniture retail.

A selection of options at accessible price points invites subscribers to choose a six- or 12-month package. Rates range from £3.70 ($5, €4.26) to £13.40 ($18, €15.30) per month. Customers can order new furniture during their subscription period and exchange the items if and when they want to revamp colours or styles.

Subscription services like Kamarq reach out to a mass-consumer market and, in so doing, demonstrate the potential of post-ownership practices to reshape the future of furniture businesses worldwide.

This is an edited version of a piece that originally appeared on Frame 124 (p.22). To read the full story, you can purchase a copy here.

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