Keyhole House

The house has been modeled after a keyhole, with a narrow window framing the front door.

KYOTO – A house in Japan has been modeled after the shape of a keyhole.

Spread over just 100-sq-m, the structure is a family home for four people and two cats. The façade is marked with a narrow window that frames the door, much like a key.

‘It’s standing alone in the corner of a small parking lot, like a table left behind at the seaside,’ says architect Anna Nakamura of EASTERN design office. ‘A house can be called a key, which will open your life happily.’

A simple colour palette covers the façade; the exterior walls is coated in mortar with sumi ink, while red and purple are used as accents. The structure is topped with the clean lines of a triangular roof.

Photos courtesy of Koichi Torimura

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