Kilden Performing Arts Centre

‘The undulating main façade acts as a surface separating reality from fantasy,’ Grönholm says.

KRISTIANSAND – In Norway a concert hall and theatre is a city’s new cultural and architectural landmark.

The structure has a striking cantilevered roof which covers the foyer and outdoor public terrace, overlooking the ocean. Large sections of the exterior are clad in local oak wood; as guests step inside they face a massive folded oak ceiling that juxtaposes stained metal sheets in brass and copper.

‘The building is a sharp object with an almost exaggerated clarity of expression,’ says architect Juho Grönholm of Helsinki-based ALA Architects. ‘The building creates elegant public and performing spaces and rough, functional production facilities. All this is combined into a shape of an elegant machine –a building as an instrument.’

The interior concept is centred around four parallel zones: the public foyer, four auditoriums, production street and production workshop with staff offices. The street ensures flexibility for trucks to deliver instruments and materials to the workshop, where sets are designed.

The Kilden Performing Arts Centre can seat up to 2270 people simultaneously. The 27,000-sq-m structure houses three organizations: a theatre company, philharmonic and opera.

Photos courtesy of Hufton+Crow

Billboard: Black Friday 2017
Billboard: Black Friday 2017

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