Kino/Film: Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen

Left: Stenberg Brothers & Yakov Ruklevsky, The Decembrists, 1927. Right: Stenberg Brothers, Sporting Fever, 1928. Both posters courtesy of GRAD Gallery for Russian Arts and Design and AntikBar

Ever since GRAD opened in London last year, gallery goers have been repeatedly entranced and impressed by its excellently curated exhibitions that feature Russian graphic and contemporary art. Its director, Elena Sudakova, and art historian Lutz Becker have staged a new show that centres on film posters from the Soviet Union in the 1920s. Dramatic colour blocking, clean lines and compelling typography were employed by poster designers such as Yakov Ruklevsky, appropriately complementing the strident tone and monochromatic nature of early Russian cinema.

The exhibition promises insight into an often-sidelined aspect of the Soviet cinematic experience by turning away from the screen to the paper, paying tribute to the strong graphics of talented designers such as Aleksandr Naumov and the Stenberg Brothers. Sadly, many of these posters did not survive the test of time as they were made to be displayed only once. All the more reason, then, to head down to GRAD to see some of these rare originals, many of which have never been exhibited in the UK before.

Kino/Film: Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen will run from 17 January to 29 March.

GRAD London, 3 – 4a Little Portland Street, London W1W 7JB

Images courtesy of the gallery and Antikbar. 

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