Kiss Room by Mathias Kiss

The interior of the Kiss Room is covered with 1,000 squares of mirror.

French-Hungarian artist Mathias Kiss has created the Kiss Room – a hotel room with 1,000 mirrors, that’s open for 1,000 nights. A converted storeroom of Paris bar La Perle, the petite  10-m² room is covered with floor-to-ceiling squares of mirror.

Kiss designed the space-distorting installation to express both infinity and the idea of our intimate selves. To an introspective end, the room has no windows, and is acoustically isolated from the rest of the building. The only thing guests do hear is a constantly evolving ‘song’ by Nicolas Godin, from the French band Air. 

Staying in Kiss' artwork doesn't come cheap though: the room can only be booked one night a time for a price of around €750 to €1000.

Photos by David Zagdoun

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