Kitsch comes out to play at Joyce Central by Paola Navone

HONG KONG – Following an overhaul by Paola Navone, Joyce Central – which has been the so-called  ‘epicentre’ of Hong Kong fashion since the 1970s – is a series of theatrical sets, no two alike. It’s hard to imagine that the industrial simplicity of the general menswear area and the kitschy brazenness of its VIP zone were painted by the same brush, but it’s all part of the Italian designer’s plan to take ‘customers on a journey’.

The designer wants to provide shoppers with ‘continuous points of interest and a seamless flow from one zone to another’. To do so, Navone adopted the concept of tham ma da (Thai for ‘everyday’) – presenting the seemingly ordinary in an unexpected way. Retaining Joyce Central’s rich history in the update, vintage pieces were repurposed and juxtaposed with contemporary additions.

Contrasting textures and materials – as well as plays on tradition – feature throughout. In the beauty zone, for instance, metallic  dim-sum carts give a subtle nod to Hong Kong while displaying cosmetics, skin care and fragrances. The trolleys also reflect and amplify the feature flooring. Inspired by spilled make-up, the pastel resin creation is the work of Italian artisans at Gobbetto.

Photos courtesy of Joyce

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