Knitted Sculptures by Desiree de Baar

Certain aspects of the pieces might be left slightly unfinished, leaving their completion to the viewer’s imagination.

With precise skill and mission to play with perception, Dutch artist Desiree de Baar forms recreations of everyday objects from knitted yarn and embroidered threads.

Amongst her repertoire are objects like a bathtub, kitchen sink and counter, fireplace and set of wooden-looking doors, all made of knitted wool. De Baar, who says she is ‘fascinated with space,’ has also created more abstract models like a free-standing prison cell room or observation point using the same knitted materials.

While embroidery and weaving might not typically be associated with fine art, de Baar compliments her work with drawings and sketches to accompany the three-dimensional works. Surrounding the knitted works are hand-drawn images, patterns and photos that create a familiar – yet perhaps uneasy – feeling amongst viewers.

De Baar’s work can currently be seen in Holland at Kunsthal Rotterdam (until 14 October) and in a groupshow at Schiedam's 4 de Korenbeurs (until 9 September).

Kunsthal Rotterdam
Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341
3015 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Korenbeurs Schiedam
Lange Haven 145
3111 CD Schiedam
The Netherlands

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Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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