Kodai Iwamoto’s eco-friendly heater is a fine example of carbon-laced infrared radiation

LAUSANNE – You probably heard the term ‘infrared’ in that science class you attended aeons ago – but did you understand what it meant? The Chochin heater, designed by Kodai Iwamoto whilst at ECAL, is your chance to dig a little deeper. You might remember that infrared light waves, like radio waves, fall outside the visual spectrum. That fact is the key to infrared heating, which is produced by light invisible to the naked eye.

Chochin resembles a traditional lantern and generates heat via infrared radiation, but with a twist. Carbon fibres incorporated into the eco-friendly appliance’s filaments produce twice the heat of infrared radiation without carbon and use only half the electricity. Aimed at the Japanese market, where central heating is not the norm, Chochin can be hung on the wall, tucked under the desk or placed in a corner. A great housewarming gift, wouldn’t you say?

Photos Anna Karaseva


Billboard: F119 Out Now
Billboard: F119 Out Now

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