Konzepp Concept Shop

‘There was a lot of paper folding to derive the direction of the forms,’ says Tsui, who was inspired by origami.

Multidisciplinary designer Geoff Tsui has converted a ‘disadvantaged’ hidden ground-level rental property into a colourful space, where creatives can cross-pollinate imaginations and hatch unique results.

‘The otherwise would-be ordinary space has been given an out-of-the box appeal,’ Tsui says. ‘We used parametric design and hand-on modelling techniques to metaphorically push and pull the boundaries of the design.’ 

Inspired by Japanese origami paper art, Tsui created the yellow façade from wooden geometric forms. While originally planning to work with fibreglass, an expensive rental agreement meant using the material would propel the project over budget. Instead, Tsui opted for wood cut from single pieces to reduce waste.

‘The façade needed waterproofing, so the slants of the arch would allow for water to drain downwards and not seep in and rot the structure,’ Tsui explains. Given the humidity of Hong Kong, the façade must be repainted every six to seven months. 

Konzepp is a cretive studio for film production and artist management that also sells unique handmade goods.

50 Tung Street
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

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