Koya No Sumika by mA-style architects

This extension for a traditional Japanese house has been stripped down to its most fundamental features.

YAIZU – The studio of mA-style architects recently completed this subtle extension for a young couple’s traditional one-storey house in the coastal city of Yaizu, Japan.

The well-executed project reflects a strong desire for quiet spaces tinged with great lightness. It provides its residents with autonomous living spaces designed to maintain a significant relationship with the original construction. A partially transparent corridor running through a shared garden serves as a transitional stretch between the main house and its extension.

Since the existing residence holds a broad programme comprising a spacious kitchen, rooms of various sizes and a bathroom, the newly annexed property solely calls for additional accommodating living space acting, here, as study areas surrounded by multi-purpose attics.

The high-peaked inverted V-shaped roof – predominantly sitting on bare, supporting walls – provides convenient triangular openings on both extremities of the house. The resulting design mainly enables a steady air flow throughout the luminous and beyond-line-of-sight living spaces.

The Japanese architects’ attention to details illustrates an exemplary commitment towards their project regardless of its size or implications. The tastefully-finished common areas of the Koya No Sumika house expresses a radical yet logical quality prevailing in basically all of mA-style architects’ work. 

Photos courtesy of Kai Nakamura


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