No matter how you cut it, Laminam's new ceramic slabs look as elegant inside as out

Modena, Italy – Italian finishes brand Laminam produces 70 ceramic slab finishes in nine series that have been  inspired by marble, stone and wood, for use as a second skin for floors, inside and out, or for countertops, backsplashes and door and cabinet cladding.

At this year's Salone del Mobile, Laminam debuted the elegantly coarse and delicately veined Pietra Piasentina Taupe by way of inaugurating the brand's newest ceramic slab collection and, significantly, its proprietary and pioneering IN-SIDE technology.

IN-SIDE slabs combine a mixture of natural raw materials with variable grain sizes, resulting in a textural, blended material that is typical of natural stone. In fact, the continuity of the material through-and-through makes the collection an important new tool in the hands of interior designers: even after being cut, drilled and chamfered during production, the body and surface of the slab still share the same appearance.

'Extracted from the earth, technologically sculpted.' Laminam's latest collection looks natural from the inside out. Made with the new IN-SIDE technology, the first product to debut is the Pietra Piasentina Taupe.

Developed by an in-house Laminam team, the brand's latest technology can be used not just to produce ceramic finishes for architecture (coverings, floors, indoor and outdoor), but as an alternative to more costly marble, quartz and other stones or stone products in interiors and as furnishings for the kitchen, including countertops, tables and cooking surfaces. IN-SIDE products are even durable enough to be used outdoors.

The collection's aesthetic virtue and versatility are accompanied by hard-wearing performance that exceeds that of other typical finish materials for horizontal surfaces. The slabs are hygienic and durable and come in dimensions that extend to 1620 mm x 3240 mm (and 5, 12 and 20 mm thickness) to give designers greater creative freedom. These larger, thicker slabs are well-suited to use not just in kitchens, for countertops, but in hospitality environments, like restaurants. But it isn't just their size that makes them so useful.

Natural raw materials are transmuted into a hard-wearing Laminam IN-SIDE surface: hygienic, durable, stain, heat and fire-resistant, suited to use indoors and out, in residential or restaurant kitchens.

Laminam surfaces have properties that make them a smart choice for use in contact with food. As a worktop they are fire and heat-resistant. They are also difficult to stain whether you're cooking with (and spilling) oil, wine or acidic lemon.

One Laminam video makes the point without a word: In it, the viewer watches a cook prepare sea bass, using oil, lemon and a culinary torch, mixing, marinating, searing and chopping directly on a  Laminam surface so perfectly white that it looks like a blank page.

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