The new VIP lounge at the Platov airport features an Italian touch

Rostov-on-Don, Russia – Although it is the gateway to the Caucasus, the southern capital of the Russian Federation just got a little bit more Italian: the new Business Class Lounge at the Platov International Airport is outfitted with ceramic slabs from Modena-based company Laminam.

The Rostov-on-Don airport has a total surface of 50,000 sq-m, and the new VIP lounge is arguably one of its most attractive spaces: not only does it overlook the charming, fertile scenery of the sunny region, but the design by Vox Architects works to enhance the natural panorama – the Sun on Don moniker is absolutely deserved.

The architecture studio laid out the furniture in order to provide unobstructed views of the scenery, and focused on bringing nature indoors by using cork and porcelain stoneware as finishing materials – the latter is where Laminam came in.

The reception is surrounded by curvilinear and partition walls, as if the space itself were gradually flowing from one area into another, like the nearby Don river. To enhance this particular organic design and the visual continuity of the space, large-size minimum-thickness ceramic slabs were used for the floors – they fit both the architects' and the clients' requirements for resistance, durability, fireproofing and acoustic comfort. Vox picked the five-mm-thick Calce series in Grigio for the floors, along with the three-mm-thick Filo collection in Argento for the restroom walls and doors.

The Calce pieces are inspired by wet plaster and industrial concrete. The texture chosen by Vox symbolises the agricultural fertility of the region; added to the warm shade, it provides visitors – mostly demanding business travellers surrounded by the impersonality of tech – with a reminder of the visual and tactile cues of the nature outside.

The elegant Filo slabs, which resemble an endlessly recurring iridescent thread in a silvery shade, had another purpose. The windows of the business lounge are opened to the west, which means that during the sunset, the textures play in the sun, creating a light show. To emphasize this sensation, a conscious contrast was applied: the restrooms were coated with porcelain stoneware with a cold metal texture, with smoot and reflective forms that symbolized the waters of the Don.

The Sun on Don is thus a tribute to both the natural beauty of Rostov and a stunning display of what material research can do in the ceramics field.

Location Grushevskaya Stanitsa, Aksaiskiy District, 346714 Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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