Laufen hosts an auction and exhibition during Design Miami

MIAMI – During this year’s Design Miami/ – which runs from 30 November until 4 December – Laufen presents an exhibition and auction that highlight the brand's customized bathroom solutions. The exhibition, entitled Bespoke, and the auction, which sees SaphirKeramik washbasins decorated by Brazilian creatives sold to the highest bidders, are part of Laufen's ongoing Architecture during Art programme, a series that aims to stimulate thought-provoking conversation in the industry. 

Three recent projects illustrate the various ways in which Laufen supports architects and designers in realizing their visions. By creating bespoke products, the brand aims to add a level of refinement and individuality that contributes to the overall character of interiors. In New York City, Laufen brought custom-designed bathrooms to life in a luxury 60-storey residential tower by Herzog & De Meuron. Laufen’s partner for the 56 Leonard project, AF New York, combined the bathroom brand’s technology, flexibility and intellectual expertise without compromising on quality, design intent and detail – and all within budget.

From architecture to cultural heritage, Laufen’s second project was the development of replicas for the restoration of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s iconic three-storey Villa Tugendhat in Brno, Czech Republic. Villa Tugendhat was originally completed in 1930 and reopened following restoration in 2012. Laufen developed replicas of eight models using only photographs and catalogue specifications.

Thirdly, the Impressões project demonstrates Laufen’s special interest in supporting the creative arts. The project provided a platform for artists and designers to experiment and communicate ideas about Brazil to an international audience. A set of ten unique SaphirKeramik washbasins, decorated by Brazilian creatives from the fields of architecture, design, fashion, photography and the general arts, will be auctioned at Campus Collective: the Design Escape Party (see details below). Laufen’s round 380-mm SaphirKeramik washbasin served as a blank canvas for the designers – Antônio Ferreira Jr and Mário Celso Bernardes, Arthur Casas, Christian Cravo, Derlon Almeida, Jader Almeida, João Armentano, Marko Brajovic, Patricia Anastassiadis, Ricardo Bello Dias and Ronaldo Fraga – who each represented their own visual translation of Brazil.

Since its launch on 17 September at the Biennial Pavillion in São Paulo, Impressões 2015 has been presented during London Design Festival and Lodz Design Festival, in Laufen’s Swiss headquarters, at the Salone del Mobile and Designblok Prague, and in Laufen’s Miami showroom during Design Miami. In total, only five pieces of each design were produced – one for the artist/designer, two for charity institutions, and two for the Laufen collection.

One of each five SaphirKeramik washbasins produced will be auctioned during Laufen’s event on Wednesday 30 November from 18:00-22:00. The minimum bid for a single washbasin is US$700. All proceeds will go towards supporting Brazilian students at the New World Symphony (NWS), America’s Orchestral Academy, which prepares graduates from distinguished music programmes for leadership roles in professional orchestras and ensembles.

Charity Auction at Campus Collective
The Design Escape Party
Wednesday 30 November
Miami Ironside
Showroom suites 103 and 104
7610 NE 4th Court, Miami

Laufen showroom opening hours during Design Miami: Tue-Sat: 10:00-14:00
30 November-4 December 2016
For appointments outside the official opening hours, call 305-799 8699

Billboard: F119 Out Now
Billboard: F119 Out Now

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