Levi's Amsterdam

Trinkets from Amsterdam – bikes, boats, junk and second-hand goods – were the inspiration for the space.

ReStore: reuse, rebrand, rejuvenate. That’s the concept behind the new 240-sq-m Levi’s store in Amsterdam, a retail space meant to reflect the city itself.

'While the first concept looked good on paper, we made some prototypes and it just didn’t feel right,' says Kenneth Jaworski of agency Como Park, adding that the first concept was also over budget. 'We got lucky when permit issues delayed the project, giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate the design. At that point, we rethought and redesigned the store completely. The open, colourful shelving system we ultimately came up with makes a much lighter impression.’

Jaworski reused the lighting and wooden floor from Levi's Bread & Butter stand. He left 80 per cent of the walls intact and mounted old doors on vintage church benches to create a long display table for denim apparel.

The inventiveness, passion and humour at the heart of this project might be an interesting starting point for stores in other cities, each of which could morph to become both unique and uniquely Levi’s.

Photos courtesy Zowie Jannink.

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Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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