Lexington Avenue Agency

A curtain made of industrial plastic divides the room into two spaces, while allowing the flow of natural light.

The busy streets of New York served as inspiration for a modelling agency’s offices in Valencia, Spain.

Interior design Ana Hernández Palacios of studio Masque Spacio began the space’s redesign by studying images of New York’s famous Lexigton Ave., which shares its name with the modeling agency.

‘We had a series of photos from the yellow cabs and New York skyscrapers,’ says Hernández Palacios, who also completed the space's graphic design. ‘After we showed the client the images we adapted it into interior design.’

The resulting black and yellow walls are reminiscent of a taxi, while the colour stripes represent the height of buildings. The space needed to be divided into two sections, but in a way that didn’t hinder the flow of natural light from one window. The result is the use of a clear industrial curtain that’s been covered with stickers of the agency’s logo.

All furnishings are from Spanish brands, including Uno Design by Javier Mariscal and the eco-friendly Eiffel, a recycled paper stool by RS Barcelona.

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