Living Echo by Rachel Sokal

The delicate prints must be protected from light.

Over the past two years, Rachel Sokal has developed a unique way of printing directly onto leaves using only the power of sunlight in a series called Living Echo.

To commence the process, a clear printed acetate is applied to the leaves; when hit by sunlight the image will ultimately be transferred. The final pieces are extremely delicate and ephemeral, as the images and leaves will continue decaying and fading under new light exposure.

Preparing an exhibition is therefore a sensible matter. All the pieces on show are covered, protecting them from the light that will eventually consume them. Spectators will become part of the performance driven by their curiosity – and even naughtiness – by unveiling the photographs to become agents of destruction by reveal something too delicate to be exposed.

Rachel Sokal's work will be presented as part of a group exhibition called Old Beliefs by Antlers Gallery from 4 to 14 October.

Antlers Gallery
1 Middle Street
Stroud, Gloucestershire

Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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