Lore of the North

Lord Whitney's magical debut book Lore of the North is out now

We first featured Lord Whitney in Frame 96 after being captivated by the whimsical world they created for Missoni in A Zig without A Zag. We hope you're equally delighted to learn that the sovereigns of set design and conoisseurs of make believe have now returned with their debut book, Lore of the North, exploring the folklore traditions of their native north of England. It’s a magical tome with hidden pages and mysterious photography loosely bound by a narrative thread you determine yourself (inspired by the Create Your Own Adventure series of books that children of the 80s will remember with particular fondness).

Aside from the striking images and the beautiful printwork in Lore of the North, what really captured our imagination was the passion Lord Whitney put into creating a world around the book.They travelled throughout Yorkshire to research the stories, tales and traditions of the region and even ventured down to London to visit the library of the Folklore Society. Not only that, they held discussions on the importance of folklore and organised a hunt around sites of historical and folkloric significance to bring people into touch with their heritage. 

An interview with Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney (whose powers combine to form Lord Whitney) on the magical journey they made to create the book will be featured in Frame 98 - out May 1. Until then you can enter their world of myth and legend here if you dare...








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