Louis Vuitton Island Maison

The building can be accessed by three routes: an outdoor bridge, by boat and via tunnel.

Inspired by the glamour of early 20th-century transatlantic travel, the new Louis Vuitton Island Maison in Singapore is a nautical adventure.

The structure’s impressive exterior comprises of two stand-alone glass and steel crystal-shaped pavilions. Architect Moshe Safdie made the building - which appears to be floating on water - accessible via three routes: a tunnel, an outdoor bridge and by boat.

Inside, architect and interior designer Peter Marino looked to seafaring tradition for inspiration, from sailing masts to ocean liners. His biggest challenge was managing the amount of daylight entering through the massive glass walls and roof, while not obstructing the spectacular views.

When accessing the shop via tunnel, visitors will see a special cultural space featuring temporary exhibitions (to their left) and a collection of historic Louis Vuitton luggage (on their right).

Photos courtesy Louis Vuitton Malletier.


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