Loxe Mareiro by Cenlintrosmetrocadrado

Walls and ceilings were painted white to maximize the small amount of incoming light.

Playing on the traditional Spanish beach-bar, design-firm Cenlintrosmetrocadrado transformed a former maritime traffic station into a local restaurant. Along Spain´s Galician coast, Loxe Mareiro keeps its authentic character while employing a temporary furniture system.

Santiago de Compostella-based Cenlintorsmentrocadrado devised a flexible, adaptable and improvisational design without over embellishing the building´s nautical character. The interior was simply restored: stone walls and an exposed-wood roof structure were painted white to maximize the small amount of incoming light. Damaged portions of tinted pine-wood flooring were replaced.

With daily layout changes and minimal storage, the restaurant needed modular table, chair and shelving solutions. The designers utilized a Cutrelux approach: simple, inexpensive and serviceable objects built in quality materials. Car motor O-rings hold table units together, while scaffolding-inspired shelves are supported by large sawhorses. Recycling what they could, designers created pine-wood table-tops from concrete formwork. Bought at a flea market, metal chairs were repainted and their seats and backs were replaced.

´Projects requiring highly specific solutions are really attractive,´ Xabier Rilo Calvo of Cenlintrometrocadrado explains. ´They leave us room to think outside the box and create solutions with strong personalities.´

Photos Javier Iglesias

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