Lucy in the Sky in Deventer, Netherlands

The Lucy Cube room, one of three individual hotel pods that create Lucy In the Sky in Deventer, Netherlands. Photo Eva Broekema

The latest in a series of Dutch accommodation offerings to re-imagine the possibilities of the hotel, Lucy in the Sky is a collection of three loft residences or ‘single room hotel units’ scattered across the Dutch port town of Deventer. A co-operative of friends, designers and architects including Maurer Architects & Boris Tellegen, Rob Sweere & MuldersvandenBerk Architects, Spacecowboys and Studio Groen+Schild created the dispersed hotel.

Each ‘room’ is a site-specific response designed to allow for open, picturesque views while also offering the high level of privacy that comes from being elevated above street level in a low-rise neighbourhood – a feeling of being in the sky, you could say. Perched on top of a grain hopper, Lucy Cube is a 4m x 4m structure with large windows and a recessed private roof terrace.

Inspired by 1960’s space travel, Lucy GLXY is a round pod that lies on top of a former machine construction factory, the building’s rooftop now serving as the pod’s own rooftop terrace. Clad in timber that was formerly the floor of the Alpha Tent of Lowlands Festival, Lucy PWR is a cubist design that draws power from solar panels on its roof.

The project is part of broader rejuvenation activities that have taken place in the town’s formerly derelict Havenkwartier, or harbour district. As its port activity dwindled, by the 1990s the area was in neglect. Recent years have seen the waterfront transform into an area with renewed life, thanks to an influx of new residents, workshops, studios, small festivals and community events. Next, the Lucy Co-op are working on a plan to create a local beach and park area for residents and visitors.

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