Luminarie De Cagna

Don’t be fooled – the installation used only 29KW of electricity per hour.

At a Belgian festival designed to celebrate ‘light, happiness and music,’ a massive lighting installation used 55,000 LEDs to create a faux cathedral.

The Festival of Lights Ghent was held last month, showing 29 different projects at various locations throughout the Belgian city.

The prime project was a massive light cathedral, the Luminarie De Cagna, which stretched 28m high. Using techniques like projection mapping, the lighting created the appearance of a multi-colored, flowery ceiling reminiscent of historic stained-glass windows.

The design was created by Cagna Illuminations, an Italian family-run business that began illuminating buildings and squares with oil lamps in the 1930s. Today, they make ‘curtains of light’ for public festivals, projecting them onto structures.


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