Lunch gets less ordinary with artist Yinka Ilori and Counterfeit Studio

London – How is the Red Red Super Stew pop-up eatery and shop by Counterfeit Studio and Yinka Ilori like a chameleon? Certainly not in colour camouflage, as the team have created an unmissable, playful brand experience for Red Red’s product launch in response to the design brief of ‘a lunch less ordinary’. However, contemporary artist Ilori’s signature vibrant palette, simple geometries and zero-waste ethos vibe paired with Counterfeit Studio’s technical prowess, ensures a sophisticated outcome mindful of design logistics, manoeuvrability and function. The modularity and mobility of the pop-up stand – allowing for infinite configurations according to spatial context – is proudly celebrated in its bold colours and shapes.

The perforations in the African gaboon marine plywood physically integrate the product into the pop-up stand, with the patterns created by the Red Red Super Stew lids providing an ever-changing backdrop to the experience.

Dancing between traditional divisions of art and design, the attention-grabbing intervention can be arranged to suit any location and ease of transportation is at the forefront. Each of the freestanding units that comprise the pop-up stand is lightweight, manoeuvrable, fits in a standard van and requires no additional lifting equipment.

Digitally printed on perforated African gaboon marine plywood, the lightweight aesthetic offers Red Red marketing ‘on the move’. The functionality of every element is considered, no surface is left untouched by Ilori’s expression of colour: everything has a purpose and feels repurposed.

Yinka Ilori is a Frame Awards 2019 jury member, presiding over the Executional Awards categories.

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