Lure at All Visual Arts

The tails of two creatures entwined in a embrace in Kate MccGuire's 'Lure.'

The sculptures of Kate MccGuire are alluring yet somehow frightening. Working with carefully aligned feathers, which take months and even years to collect,  MccGuire creates enticing shapes that talk to the most visceral and instinctive side of ourselves.

The hues and colours of the feathers play beautifully with the light as you move around the pieces, giving the impression you can almost see them breathe, grow and move. The organic shapes and feathers makes us think of living creatures, while the sheer scale of some of the pieces makes us want to stay away, suspicious the sleeping animal could suddenly be awaken.

Gyre invades the gallery space with its monumental presence like the tails of two enormous animals entwined in an embrace. Other pieces are cased in antique glass cabinets as if in display in a natural history museum of impossible stuffed animals, conveying a sense of the exotic and unknown and a desire to come closer.

Swirls, braids, undulating surfaces and sensual shapes that are seductive and yet unsettling. Beautiful beyond rational interpretation.

Lure will be showing at All Visual Arts until 16 February 2013.

All Visual Arts
2 Omega Place

Kings Cross

London N1 9DR

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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