M_cocoon by L’atelier Woodlabo

French designer Gaël Wuithier, founder of L’atelier Woodlabo, drew inspiration from antique chandeliers to create M_cocoon. The contemporary geometric forms and pure lines of these wooden ceiling lights let a subtle glow shine through while representing a sober visual addition to interiors big and small alike.

This up-to-date version of the antique chandeliers that inspired Wuithier during his work as a carpenter in historical buildings was ‘influenced by Scandinavian design and the designer’s attachment to his preferred material: wood,’ the atelier explains.

Made of Finnish birch plywood, M_cocoon is assembled through sophisticated methods which result in only 3 per cent waste from the production process. This video shows the making of these ceiling lights which already decorate hotels, public buildings and private houses.

Since the young atelier cannot handle international orders, it is launching a call for an investor who can share his or her network and experience in order to boost the production of the ceiling lights and thus develop Woodlabo. 

Images courtesy of L’atelier Woodlabo


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