Made to Measure by Glithero

Made to Measure, Glithero's show at the Zuiderzee Museum, translates organ music to woven fabric.

For the Zuiderzee Museum, London-based design pair Glithero has created the show Made to Measure, reinterpreting the crafts of organ making and weaving.

Seeing the similarities in the two crafts – in each case the craftsman punches holes in cards and those cards inform the behaviour of a machine – the designers were inspired to explore whether the two creation methods were interchangeable. Literally ‘weaving music,’ the pattern of an organ punch card was used as input for a loom.

An organ book was made specially for the project by Leon van Leeuwen, of the last professional street organ builders in the Netherlands. From this, Glithero made a 16m-long weaving book, with training from retired weaver Wil van den Broek. The weaving book was used with a traditional Jacquard loom and textile patterns emerged during the process. The resulting silk scarves bear the marks of the music.

Glithero also made a film showing the two craftsmen whose art is in decline. The designers say that by making the exhibition and objects, they aim to ‘save part of the know-how, memories, routines and traditions of these craftsmen’.

Made to Measure is at the Zuiderzee Museum until 30 March 2014.

Photos Petr Krejci.

Billboard: LEEDLeaf - US Green Building Council
Billboard: LEEDLeaf - US Green Building Council

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