Manifest Destiny!

The structure is a ‘lonely beacon’ in the city’s landscape.

In the centre of San Francisco, a 454kilo log cabin is seemingly suspended in air, jutting out from the side of an unclaimed structure.

The cabin is part of a temporary project by New-York based artist Mark Reigelman, who’s seeking to act as an explorer to claim and develop unclaimed territories in urban voids of San Francisco.

The cab rests on the side of the Hotel des Arts, suspended above the restaurant Le Central. Passers-by can peer upwards to see curtained windows, as if the structure were inhabited.

‘Using a 19th century architectural style and vintage building materials, the structure is both homage to the romantic spirit of the Western myth and a commentary on the arrogance of Westward expansion,’ Reigelman says.

The site-specific installation can be seen until 28 October 2012. It was created in collaboration between Brooklyn-based Reigelman with San Fransisco-based designer Jenny Chapman.

Photos courtesy Cesar Rubio Photography.

Billboard: Black Friday 2017
Billboard: Black Friday 2017

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