Maritime Museum of Denmark by Kossmann.dejong

The exhibition is made attractive to a wide audience by interweaving many different perspectives on shipping.

Dutch exhibition design firm Kossmann.dejong designed the permanent exhibition and museum concept for the new Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør which opened its doors on 5 October.

The underlying concept of the exhibition is a journey which begins with the visualisation of the universal desire of far travels and adventures at sea. Through themes like harbour, ship, navigation, war and trade, the maritime history of Denmark is explained.

Danish architecture studio BIG designed the 6000-m2 museum building. Its unique sculptural qualities have been used for the scenography of the exhibition. The narrow spaces for example, were used to bring to mind the anguish of the war while wide open spaces reinforce the feeling of open water.

Photography by Thijs Wolzak.

To see more exhibitions by Kossmann.dejong, take a look at the book we published about their work here. The print edition is sold out, but the digital edition is available through Zinio.

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