Mark A-to-Z: A is for Aluminium

Mark A-to-Z: A is for Aluminium

There are so many reasons to use aluminium in the construction industry. It is lightweight but strong and durable; it can be used as a structural material or for cladding; and it is energy efficient and sustainable – not to mention that it can be shiny, brushed or anodised. The versatility of this sheet material is what makes it an excellent way to kick-start the Mark A-to-Z, with five projects that incorporate aluminium into their design.

Médiatèque by Brenac + Gonzalez

Photo and lead image Sergio Grazia

PARIS – In Choisy-le-Roi, a southern suburb of Paris, Brenac + Gonzales have realised a new media library. Replacing an old building from 1885, the new-built rises on the left bank of the Seine and refocuses the municipality’s cultural and public life towards the river, which had long been cut off by railway tracks and docks.


Holy Cross House by Thomas Balaban Architecte
Photo Adrien Williams

MONTREAL – Jennifer Thorogood of Montreal-based Thomas Balaban Architecte admits often forgetting to mention that the firm's latest completed project was prefabricated. Once having encountered the detached home’s singular exterior cladding of standing-seam aluminium, the visitor might easily forget the prefab factor as well, exploring the radical configuration within.


SFC Bridge by FIRM a.d

Photo Andrew Rowat

TORONTO – Amongst the urban city context, in Toronto’s Southcore Financial district, a new pedestrian bridge makes its debut. Artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins have teamed up with New York-based architect James Khamsi of FIRM a.d to complete the project – designing a striking elevated walkway bridge that unifies art and architecture.


Macro Lot 5A by Tetrarc
Photo Stéphane Calmeau

PARIS – Inspired by Baron Haussmann’s great Parisian mansions of the nineteenth century, Tetrarc's recently completed social housing project connects the contemporary styles of the surrounding Boulogne-Billancourt district with the long-established architectural characteristics of the past. Macro Lot 5A is part of an urban renewal project taking place along the Seine to the west of Paris.


Mehrfamilienhause by Hurst Song Architekten
Photo courtesy of the architect

MÄNNEDORF – Mehrfamilienhause is the newest addition to Zurich-based Hurst Song Architekten’s residential portfolio. The project’s name literally translates as ‘multi-family house’ and the design incorporates three separate apartments stacked around a central communal staircase.

You can see all of our aluminium projects online here.

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