Mark A-to-Z: B is for Brick

Mark A-to-Z: B is for Brick

Villa Platan by Studio ADEPT
Photo and lead image Jakob Lerche

AARHUS – A private client gave Copenhagen-based studio ADEPT a rare opportunity to build a villa close to the edge of the sea in Aarhus, Denmark. The design premise is simple: four rectangular units arcing around the contour of the landscape. These are then joined together with smoothing curves to create functional spaces with surfaces that appears to sweep from one volume to the next.


Student Dormitories by C.F. Møller
Photo Torben Eskerod

ODENSE – The main campus of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense has earned its fair share of nicknames over the years for its notoriously grim masses of concrete and weathering steel – the ‘Rustenborg’ (‘Rusty Castle’) and the ‘Führerbunker’, to name a few. Aarhus-based firm C.F. Møller Architects have been commissioned for a series of more flattering expansions to the existing 1966 campus – including a massive, urban park complex slated for 2020. For now, they have realised a residential hall as a spatial and aesthetic link between old and new.


Hansemuseum by Andreas Heller Architects & Designers
Photo Werner Huthmacher

LUBECK – In the Hanseatic city of Lubeck, Germany, Andreas Heller Architects & Designers has designed the largest European museum dedicated to Hanse history – the powerful league of merchants and towns that fostered the exchange of goods in northern Europe. The Hansemuseum is situated in the north part of the old town which is part of the UNESCO world heritage site, where originally the Lubeck settlement started.


Neushoorn by DP6 architectuurstudio
Photo Kristian Hoekman

LEEUWARDEN – 'We take pride in creating buildings that delight our clients and provide their users with the perfect environment for work, education, living, leisure and accommodation,' explains Chris De Weijer, co-founder of Delft-based DP6 architectuurstudio. The firm's recently completed project Neushoorn takes on a more rough and ready approach than their usual refined aesthetic – with the whole scheme centred around adaptive reuse. De Weijer gives us an exclusive insight into the project's development and its dynamic end result.


Ackerstrasse 29 by NPS Tchoban Voss

Photo Guillaume Grasset

BERLIN – In the most central municipality of the German capital, the borough of Mitte is one of only two areas that comprise former East and West Berlin districts. The neighbourhood encompasses the city’s historic core and is fairly standardised in its residential aesthetic. Aware of the area’s distinctive historical context, local firm NPS Tchoban Voss has broken away from the typecast to design a housing building with a rather uncommon external appearance.

You can see all of our brick projects online here.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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