Mark A-to-Z: Y is for Your Choice

Both 2017 and Mark A-to-Z are finally coming to an end. So we thought it would be best to look back on this year with your top picks of the Mark web articles. Dominated by residential architecture, 2017 brought us to the ends of the world, from Jakarta to Budapest, London to Luxemburg. From small residential projects to large corporate architecture, Mark shined its spotlight on starchitects and new talent alike. Here are the five most popular articles of 2017, according to you.

The raw interior of Herzog & de Meuron's jenga building has been revealed

Photo Alexander Severin

The globally renowned duo of Jacques Hertoz and Pierre de Meuron has recently completed one such high-rise residential tower at 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca, downtown Manhattan.


Delordinaire plays with the archetype of a home to create interesting relationships

Photo Olivier Blouin

Paris-based firm Delordinaire was commissioned to create a home that fulfilled the client’s wish to be able ‘enjoy the beautiful scenery in a unique way’.


Horizontal is the new vertical in Aedas’ recently opened office complex

Photo Owen Raggett

Aedas makes it its mission to set out for a new frontier in workplace design as it completes the Unilever Indonesian headquarters.


Bord Studio bottles a big atmosphere into a small stadium

Photo Gyorgy Palko

In the industrial suburb of the Hungarian capital, division one side MTK Budapest FC has a new ground.


Metaform coils 15 residential units around a curve on a slope

Photo Steve Troes

No sane architect has grand dreams of building on a curved site with an aggressively-steep topography. But Metaform took an opportunity to do exactly that.

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