Masrah Al Qasba Theatre by Magma Architecture

The rippling ceiling is formed of spandex fabric stretched over an aluminium substructure.

Regardless of what’s happening on stage, a theatre in the United Arab Emirates is a sculptural performance in itself.

After a recent renovation, the Masrah Al Qasba Theatre features an enveloping design, with surfaces that ripple across the walls and ceiling. Inspired by landscape of the Sharjah, the team at Magma Architecture created the undulating forms made of spandex fabric over aluminium rods, whose angles were determined by a computerized bending machine.

Resembling the setting sun over sand dunes, the surfaces evoke a scenographic language. Meanwhile, technical devices like air conditioning, sound equipment, lights, insulation and wiring are all integrated within the porous surface.

‘Past and present are also mirrored in the choice of materials for the project,’ says architect Martin Ostermann of Magma. ‘The interior skin is created out of textile – a traditional building material in the region – albeit in a high tech contemporary make. The textile wraps the walls and ceiling of the 300 seat auditorium space in a continuous smooth surface.’

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Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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