Mathieu Lehanneur turns from customer to creator at a Parisian patisserie

PARIS – After frequenting the first Noglu restaurant – a chain whose philosophy is ‘gourmet gluten-free’ – designer Mathieu Lehanneur whipped up a fitting interior for the Rue de Grenelle outpost. Positioned among specialist fine-food stores, Lehanneur’s incarnation blends indulgence with hominess.

Luxurious materials such as marble and quartz – which also represent the ‘purity’ of a gluten-free diet – meet tactile furnishings. Customers can nestle into grey velvet cushions on a banquette, or pass through a cave-like opening to a high table at the rear.

The grotto reference draws on the basic idea of home, a reminder from Lehanneur that ‘we’re primitive beings that have been civilized. The stone wall references the fact that we came from caves and that we’re never that far away from them when it comes to questioning our origins and what we’ve become.’

Lehanneur is currently working on the designs of a hybrid engine boat and a foldable electric bike, as well as a pharmacy.

Photos Michel Giesbrecht

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