Max Lamb's bespoke furniture embellishes Acne Studios boutique

STOCKHOLM – Sweden’s capital is home to Acne, the fashion brand whose audacious outlets bring a blush to the cheeks of the retail industry. Acne’s latest offspring is part of Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm’s illustrious department store. According to the Swedish clothing label, the concept that led to this shop-in-shop represents the next generation of Acne Studios boutiques.

Keeping in mind the high-profile Acne interiors that have bowled us over in the past, we hear ‘next generation’ and are curious, to say the least. Our first glimpse of the store is reassuring, but it also dampens any far-fetched expectations we might have had. The 120-m2 shop makes a strong impression, but no more than that. We spot familiar features found in other Acne stores – sculptural stainless steel, exclusive carpets and futuristic light installations. British creative Max Lamb, working with Acne for the first time, enhanced the space with four of his signature handcrafted objects: a chair, a stool, a plinth and a little tray. The pieces are made of bronze cast in polystyrene foam, adding an organic element to the minimalist interior. Lamb’s method of patinating the objects to achieve a classic bronze finish with a light, clean appearance, even though they weigh up to 45 kg, makes them seem to float in midair. Was he surprised when Acne contacted him? ‘Their work is very sharp, in many ways – and a lot of my work isn’t sharp at all. That said, we both create work that is about the relationship between the material and the human body, albeit with a totally different function.’

This article debuted in Frame #105 alongside many other inspirational interviews and projects. Find your copy here.

Photos courtesy of Acne Studios

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