Noruget says his design goal is to literally and figuratively return McDonald’s to its roots.

If you’re ordering a Big Mac and fries at a new French McDonald’s, you might get a dose of design on side.

The fast-food chain restaurant has commissioned Patrick Norguet to redesign the brand’s architectural identity.

The new restaurants will be filled with sleeker, more luxurious architecture: birch plywood will be used for fittings. Norguet has also created a greater divide between areas based on their functions and moods.

Guests have the choice to eat while seated at an open table, in a private alcove or enjoy a meal standing at a bar area. Norguet has paid special attention to the acoustics, ensuring comfort for diners seated away from the service counter.

The McDonald’s redesign project was launched earlier this year in Villefranche-de-Lauragais, 40 km from Toulouse. The new concept can now be seen at six restaurants in France.

Photos courtesy Studio Patrick Norguet.

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