Medical Care Centre Limay by AZC

The 55-bed hospital is a low-lying structure located 50km west of Paris.

LIMAY – ‘Our project engages in an equilibrium – and disequilibrium – between the full and the empty,’ says architect Irina Cristea of Paris-based firm AZC. ‘In other words, it looks between interior and exterior spaces, approaching both as materials.’

Christa says the balance between both is a key element of the Medical Care Centre in Limay, about 50km west of Paris. The 55-bed hospital is divided into four complexes, spanning over 2555-sq-m in total. Each unit has its own courtyard in its centre, which not only offer spaces to get fresh air but allow for natural light to enter inside. There are also two additional large gardens spanning 350-sq-m at the building’s eastern end.

The network between these indoor and outdoor spaces is lit by ample windows and divided between a mix of straight, curved, open and narrow spaces.

Photos courtesy of Stéphane Chalmeau

Medical Care Centre
rue des Coquelicots

Limay, 78520

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