Milan 2013: Fuksas for Zonca

Fuksas conceived part of the stand as a 'forest', filled with suspended Candy lamps.

To highlight its new Candy collection for Zonca – a series of lamps the company describes as ‘coloured candies stuffed with light’ – Fuksas refrained from anything too sugar-sweet.

A representative of Fuksas says the idea was to give the public an emotional experience through colour, which led to the design of three dark rooms. In one, coloured lamps were applied to the wall, while the central room housed a suspended cloud-like installation whose colour slowly shifted between various cool and warm tones. The final space was conceived as a forest filled with hanging lamps in different colours. 
The stand reinforced the concept behind the lamp: it has the potential to be used en masse to create an installation, sculpture or luminous path.


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