Milan Preview #6

‘Candy Table’ by Sylvain Willenz for Cappellini.

Colour was a popular theme at the 2011 fair, and it looks like the trend will continue to make a strong statement at the Salone del Mobile again this year.

Sylvain Willenz has designed the Candy Table for Cappellini. Made of steel reinforcement bars that have been coated with glossy paint in various hues, the result omits a bright reflection. ‘I wanted to play with the idea that something you would normally see as an inappropriate or unattractive material for making furniture could become very chic when shifted in another context and looked at from a different angle,’ Willenz says. They are available in five colours (blue, green, white, red and black).

Sebastian Reymers’ Nook system is a colourful storage unit, made of interlocking cube-like units that snap in place with one another, forming endless arrangement possibilities. The pieces are available in a myriad of hues, making for chameleonic results. (Fondamenta Jahier, Via Solari 37).

Meanwhile, Serralunga will show the Charlotte chair (designed by Christophe Pillet). The simple and functional unit can be used indoors and outdoors. Pillet says it has a ‘sunny’ quality – especially given it’s bright yellow hue. 

Italian label Porro’s Chameleon Unit is modeled after a game of Chinese boxes, changing its appearing to reveal new finishes. The purple device can be used as a set of drawers, a bedside or coffee table. It’s made with a central wood crate covered by leather layers. (Pad 7, stand D15-E18).

Hayon Studio will also launch some colourful pieces, including a new armchair for Danish label &tradition. The organically-shaped chair boasts curving features that embellish its natural form and is available in various finishes and colours (Kvadrat wool upholstery or leather). Meanwhile, the Joya tables have a contrasting metallic finish with angled diamond shaped edges curved around the top.

Finally, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman have designed the Collector’s Cabinet in collaboration with Cerruti Baleri. The furnishing-installation was created for Paris’ Centre Pompidou (and can be seen until 17 May in the Planete Manga! exhibition). The golden cabinet is made of blackboard and mdf, with three dimensions of shelves in clear, tempered glass. It’s filled with a collection of Japanese mangas produced between 1960 and 2011. (Cerruti Baleri, Via Felice Cavallotti 8).

Billboard: Dezeen Jobs
Billboard: Dezeen Jobs

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