Mirrors by Fernando Mastrangelo seem to have risen from inner earth

Brooklyn-based Fernando Mastrangelo takes inspiration for his limited-edition Drift series from personal encounters with the unique landscapes of Patagonia and the Grand Canyon. Using sand as a material, Mastrangelo casts his objects in layers before hand-dyeing them in gradations that resemble geological strata. Whereas certain pieces in his collection are completely functional, such as a sofa and coffee table, others are simply decorative. The mirrors he creates – their steely reflective surfaces a backdrop for the designer’s laminar deposits of sand – are both useful and ornamental. The interventions he makes to glass are more intricate than those that mark his lumpier, rougher designs, which might be mistaken for rock formations. Abstract and sublime, the mirrors recall aerial views of a rugged terrain.

Photos Cary Whittier, courtesy of FM/s


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