Mixology Carts by Gloss Creative and Fabio Ongarato Design

Chemistry and fashion are combined in a colourful, unique display.

A literal fashion lab, complete with test tubes, recently popped up at Melbourne’s GPO shopping mall.

The wooden-cart-cum-mobile-showroom concept was realized by Gloss Creative in collaboration with Fabio Ongarato Design. Titled Mixology - A Fashion Fusion, the layout playfully riffs on the ‘object of study’ theme, exhibiting clothes under vitrines like in a science museum.

Ignoring the cold and detached mood commonly associated with scientific research, Mixology consists of warmer materials. Held together by lightweight metal elements, the display structure is made of wood and sided by colourful – if sober – perforated panels, sporting photographic prints.

By creating a temporary and seemingly on-the-move structure (despite a bike wheel attached to each cart the construction is stably fixed on the ground) the designers seem to have found a simple yet effective way to surprise the GPO’s visitors.

Photos courtesy Marcel Aucar.

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