Modest materials generate a sensory experience at Frankfurter Buchmesse

FRANKFURT – By stacking simple plastic sheets, Civic and Matters formed an ever-changing landscape at Frankfurter Buchmesse’s Dutch-Flemish pavilion.

Architectural studio Civic and scenography/graphic design outfit Matters – which are both part of The Cloud Collective – fashioned the 2,300-sq-m temporary pavilion, home to a ‘literature salon’ that formed the focal point of the event.

The pavilion – whose parts could be dismantled and reused after the show – housed a graphic-design studio, theatre and debate rooms, café, bookshop, exhibitions and virtual-reality spaces.

A projection of the horizon – which is omnipresent in Dutch landscapes – created a border in the largest space, a room for contemplation, sitting, walking and reading. Semi-transparent walls separated the area from the other zones, allowing each space to influence the other.

Photos Stijn Bollaert
Film Ernest Films 

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