‘To create a mood of “freshly delivered” from Japan, green design has been used in construction,’ Tong says.

In the centre of a busy shopping mall in Hong Kong, a free-standing pop-up shop is - quite literally - a fresh concept.

Made from recycled materials like MDF board, wood and wrapping bubble paper, the triangular-shaped shop forms a teepee-like green structure. Its Japanese name, 'momo,' refers to a juicy fresh peach.

The concept shop was created to attract the teen fashion market, and its atypical structure reflects the unconventionalities of a young generation. With many entranceways, the store has no brand signs or distracting logos. The structure can be dismantled in parts, easily stored, and later reassembled in other locations.

‘The wooden structure creates a contrast in the modern shopping centre,’ says designer Andy Tong. ‘The innovative green design and structural characteristics have attracted people’s attention. Following MOMO, three other brands have adopted the unique design concept.’

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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