Is this residence a test drive for a Crosby Studios-branded hotel?

Moscow – Artist-architect Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios has designed residences before. His latest project in the sector, however, branches into hospitality: the Moscow home is rentable for meetings, short stays and events. The goal, according to the creative, was to expose people to his work in a different way by expressing his eye in a more fluid spatial format.

It’s a concept he wants to build upon in the future. ‘Residential projects are tricky,’ Nuriev says. ‘For the most part, it means that only the owner of the home can really experience my design language. But I wanted everyone to have the ability to eat, sleep, shower, laugh and think in a Crosby Studios environment: this is the intro for a Crosby Studios Hotel.’

Royal-blue furniture – all custom designed by the architect – enlivens the concrete-clad interiors of the 57-sq-m residence in the Russian capital. The bed is the star of the space: inspired by Exeter Library, the 1972 New Hampshire institution by Louis Kahn, it has a cubed body with five cut-out circles and is located in the first zone, which also houses the living room. To divide this area from the second zone – which features a kitchen, laundry, wardrobe and bathroom – the team built a wall that was then decorated in broken Gzhel tiles, a style of blue-and-white Russian ceramics first produced in the 19th century. ‘For me,’ explains Nuriev, ‘it’s very important to incorporate traditional elements into all my interiors.’

‘The design process was very interesting because the client gave me carte blanche,’ continues Nuriev. ‘Since the purpose of the space is a temporary stay, I wanted to increase the temperature of design so people can get a unique experience in a short period of time.’

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