Mphvs by Martijn van Strien

Released under the label mphvs, Contra • dictions is the first complete fashion collection by Martijn van Strien.

Textile innovator and DAE graduate Martijn van Strien continues his forward-looking materials research with the launch of clothing label Mphvs. The brand’s premier collection, Contra • dictions, explores the future of fashion through laser cutting. Hoping to do for his industry what 3D printing has done for product design, Van Strien developed a technique that makes it possible to produce one-off garments with unconventional materials; in this collection, industrial tarpaulin and a polyurethane-coated knit combine to tell a story of ‘a man who travels to the edges of his existence’. Man-made structures such as buildings and bridges inspire the cuts and patterns of the pieces.

Photos Imke Ligthart and Olya Oleinic

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