Multi-level Apartment

Glass partitions allow for light to spread evenly throughout the space.

In redesigning a Moscow apartment, meticulous spatial planning added a much-needed 90-sq-m of floor space to the home.

Perched on the 18th floor, the apartment originally had two levels; two more were added using a giant timber structure that was slotted into the central common room. It was staggered ceilings – varying from 3 to 8m – that enticed Russian architect Peter Kostelov to experiment with the idea of an addition.

‘I wanted to exploit the unusual extreme heights while still creating a multi-level space,’ Kostelov explains. The homeowner requested each family member – including three children – have his or her own designated private space for comfortable living.

The timber addition in the common room transformed a duplex into a four level apartment. What was originally a 258-sq-m space now totals 348-sq-m, with two added bedrooms, bathroom, study and glass partitions that allow natural light to flow.

Photos courtesy Alexey Knyazev.

Billboard: Vescom
Billboard: Vescom

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