Munich Footwear

Geometric shapes and mirrors equal the perfect space for Munich’s footwear experience.

Don’t be fooled by Munich’s deceptive name – the footwear store is located in Valencia, Spain.

Designed by studio CuldeSac, which is also based in Valencia, the shop’s concept has turned a regular store’s in-and-out sale model into an enjoyable experience of learning, trying and testing the product.

Customers are invited to test their choices and see them projected larger-than-life on screens both in and outside the store. Embedded in the centre of the shop is a treadmill, where shoppers can try out the shoes and get a feel for them. This unusual fixture enhances the testing process and shows how the footwear will move.

While in regular shoe stores, customers can try the products in front of mirrors, Munich incorporates an audio-visual system to project the customer’s choice on large-scale screens inside and outside the store. This allows small details to shine and makes the customer part of the brand’s experience.

The streetwear-styled product inspired an urban design of neutral colours, clean lines and geometric shapes.

Photos courtesy Misael Del Rosario.

Munich Valencia AQUA
Av.Menorca, 19
Valencia, Spain


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