Music, Dance, Adventure by Didzis Jaunzems Architecture

Scenography is no longer decoration but rather a tool for the creation of various spaces.

In contemporary dance, flexibility is key – but at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, it's not only the performers showing this essential characteristic.  Didzis Jaunzems Architects (DJA) transforms contemporary stage design into a tool, instead of being just a backdrop - as it can generate multiple sceneries while performing. With the scenography for Riga’s play ‘Music, Dance, Adventure’, DJA shows that various spatial configurations can arise from just one installation.

The strings of light can be easily adjusted during the performance, as the ensemble is able to slide open like a curtain. Wrapping additional cords around the whole installation creates a striking centrepiece, and aims to resemble shapes found in nature. The illuminated mass evokes the form of a tree while the collection of individual strands creates a translucent forest. By enabling the installation to be arranged and bundled in diverse ways, DJA creates multiple, separate areas and landscapes for the performers to interact with and explore.

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