Musing and Focus Dome by Inbo

Sun and shadow patterns dramatise the eight facets of the dome.

HEEMSTEDE – Inbo recently completed the Musing and Focus dome on the grounds of the Hartekamp – a villa in Heemstede, Netherlands.

The Dutch firm won a design competition for a new landmark on the site of an 18th century tea dome on the Hartekamp estate that was vandalised and burned down in the 1980s. The site – called Over Place – is situated between Hartekamp and the Haarlemmermeer and creates a visual connection between the two.

The design competition encouraged artists, landscape architects and landscape designers to draw inspiration from the history of the estate. Inbo’s team - led by Marjolein van Eig - based their design on ‘an abstraction of the octagonal tea dome of the 18th century’ and a desire to frame views to the villa and surrounding grounds. Materials for the structure are also influenced by the past. The dome is comprised of Ijssel stones – a traditional Dutch material – and constructed by a stonemason.

While the dome’s design inspiration and construction method were taken from historical influences, its design details were created using contemporary methods – namely, Revit. Bricks were shaped and sized using the design program, which resulted in an unexpected level of detail and symmetry in the stonework that can be appreciated on multiple scales.

Contemplation – along with musing and focus, of course – are promoted in several ways on site. The upward ascension necessary to reach the dome gives it a temple-like quality that is amplified by the perceived immovability of the structure as well as the dramatic effects of sun and shadow on it facets.

Photos courtesy of Allard van der Hoek

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