MW Design uses smart materials to generate a futuristic retail experience for Debrand

TAIPEI – MW Design calls all sci-fi lovers to fashion retailer Debrand in the Ximending district of Taipei, Taiwan. Embedded with electric-blue lighting, an archway resembling the brand’s logo creates a futuristic entrance, while an illuminated grid-like formation covers the ceiling. Both elements encourage customers to indulge in the fantasy of boarding a spaceship.

On the journey up to the first level, visitors encounter a backlit wall decorated with a variety of weaponry. Fit for a super villain, the guns are juxtaposed with Debrand’s merchandise. The act of picking up a piece of clothing is meant to simulate the motion of a fictional character arming for battle.

A visual and sensorial spectacle awaits at the top of the final flight of stairs. The interior dramatically shifts from a dark, mysteriously lit space to a sterile white palette stretching from ceiling to floor. Stainless steel and translucent acrylic racks offer the illusion of a spaceship. The addition of smart glass for the fitting-room doors adds to the futuristic sci-fi concept. Clear glass becomes opaque when the lock is triggered – an effect intended to create the feeling of being transported into a mission.  

Rhythmically placed white cubes sprout from the ground as a means to display art. The store regularly hosts science fiction-related exhibitions to attract the brand’s target group.

Photos Figure x Lee Kuo-Min Studio

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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