Némeau Fish Market by Jean de Lessard

Visitors encounter a floor-to-ceiling display of asymmetrical surfaces at Némeau's new market shop.

Jean de Lessard showcases an unconventional interior for a market-style shop for brand Nemeau, a vendor of marine gastronomy. In Levis, on the south shore of Québec, de Lessard's market is inspired by Jules Verne's famous adventure novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Revisiting the nautical theme and turning it into a spatial construct, de Lessard wanted customers to walk through and explore the space as an interpreted market experience.

The shop renews the concept of the ancient agoras marketplace. Instead of classic, geometric colonades, customers are enveloped by a clash of horizontal and vertical lines. Realised in a maritime palette of colours and transparencies, a sculptural glass ceiling and wall resembles an abstracted honeycomb. Both natural and artificial lighting accentuate the prismatic shapes of the interior surfaces.

Concealing a modern refrigeration system, ice-floes displays made with the resistant and composite Corian define promenade circulation paths to form an exposition of fish products similar to a jewellery box.

Photos Francois Laliberté, Imagicom
Photos courtesy of v2com


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