Nendo reinterprets the hourglass for Panerai watches

Photo courtesy of Takumi Ota

TOKYO – For an installation at Spiral in Aoyama, Tokyo, Nendo offered a new spin on the traditional hourglass for Italian watch brand Panerai. Entitled Slice of Time, the project involved a transparent clock – like an empty shell – that embodied such aspects of Panerai’s products as square-shaped cases.

Nendo extruded the design to 16 m in length, allowing individual clocks to be sawn off like slices of bread for visitors to take home. Within Spiral gallery, a circular atelier space – reminiscent of the gears in a watch – housed each stage of production: polishing, sandblasting and assembling. With one clock being sliced off every five minutes, the 16-m-long extrusion was eventually reduced to nothing, signaling the installation’s completion.

The designer likened the ‘empty shell’ to an hourglass, as it reduced time to length. The installation was intended to allow people to experience time and, what’s more, to ‘take back their own time’, so to speak.

Animation Yusuke Fujikawa

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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